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Mission Statement

The purpose of the Argonaut Student Body is to do our best to promote the interest and opinions of every student at our school through involvement.

Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the officially recognized student group that represents all students at Argonaut High School and is sanctioned by the school and Amador County Unified School District. The ASB is synonymous with the student council and functions as a formal organization like the U.S. Congress or Executive Branch.

Elected student representatives and committee members work to insure the student voice is represented at the school. The ASB also promotes activities on campus that stimulate the intellectual and social life of our students.

Student Council

At-Large Officers

Position Officer
President Chanelle Carney
Vice President Lexi Gonsalves
Secretary Sophia Davis
Treasurer Jacob Green

Senior Class Officers

Position Officer
President Maura Jorgensen
Vice President Seth Tomzak
Secretary Sophia Heidecker

Junior Class Officers

Position Officer
President Ryan Speer
Vice President Michael Hayes
Treasurer Jadyn Vassey

Sophmore Class Officers

Position Officer
President Andre King
Vice President Zac Hernandez
Secretary Erynn Thompson
Treasurer Kate Johnson

Freshmen Class Officers

Position Officer
President Sadie Himmelman
Vice President Bella Doner
Secretary Josie Metcalf & Donna Jo Dalton
Treasurer Hannah Knittel

ASB Commissioners

Focus Area Commissioner
Rallies Parkey Hoyt
Rallies Gracie White
School Pride Lauryn Bierman
School Pride Juliette Bionaz
Special Events Nora Tomczak
Special Events Ellie Scheafer
Clubs Emilie Thompson
Constructive Arts Luke Johnson
Constructive Arts Daylee Robles
SALLY Cherisse Carney
Stang Gang Drew Davie
Community Outreach Nora Tomczak