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School Dances


Guests attending Argonaut High School dances are subject to the following regulations:

  • Dance attendance is subject to compliance with school and dance codes and regulations
  • Guests must be at least enrolled in 9th grade but no older than 20 years of age
  • Guest must enter and leave with the Argonaut student that invited them
  • Guests must show a school photo ID card from their enrolled school upon admission
  • Guests who do not attend high school must show a valid and official photo ID (driver’s license, CA ID card) upon admission, no exceptions
  • Argonaut students are responsible for the conduct of their guest
  • Argonaut students are responsible for informing guests of all school and dance codes and regulations
  • Acceptance of a Guest Agreement is required and constitutes an unconditional agreement to abide by the school and dance codes and regulations
  • Violating any code or regulation will result in the immediate ejection of both the Argonaut student and their guest
  • School administration reserves the right to contact the parents or guardians of the Argonaut student and guest for any violation
  • Any attempt to falsify or forge the Guest Agreement or Guest Pass will result in a forfeiture of dance and event privileges and may result in detention, suspension or expulsion
  • All Argonaut students and guests are subject to breath alcohol testing (breathalyzer) administered by police and/or administration at any time