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Daily Bulletin FRIDAY JUNE 7, 2019 MINIMUM DayDaily Bulletin

SENIORS: Today after the minimum day at 12:45 we are hosting a Senior Super Smash Bros tournament in Mr. King’s room. Find Daniel Howe to get on the bracket early or show up to room 22 to enter. Bring your Nintendo Switch with Smash Ultimate and the dock if you can. Tell all your senior friends so we can find out once and for all who is the best Senior Smash Bros player.

Last Day of School – Minimum Day – Out at 12:41PM

Senior Breakfast at 7:30am at Highway House

Senior Walk Out Rally at 9:20am in the Gym

Last Day Fun Day at 11:25a in the Quad

Graduation at 8:00pm at the Stadium

Sober Graduation at 9pm