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Daily Bulletin Thursday May 16, 2019 “B” dayDaily Bulletin

DRAMA:  Now that prom is a fading memory and Ione Homecoming has come and gone, why not go see a hilarious theatre production this Saturday night here at the MPR! You will see Argonaut’s best actors (as well as a surprise actor from the other Amador County high school) in Shakespeare’s best comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. Written 419 years ago, this story of dysfunctional relationships still makes perfect sense today. Doors open at 6:30p and tickets cost $5.

ART CLUB: Art Club Meeting TODAY in the art room at lunch!

JUNIORS:  Applications for reserved senior parking spots are now available in the attendance office. If you would like to reserve a spot for your senior year the cost is $45.00. You must return the payment along with the parking spot contract to Kim by May 31st.

FFA:  The End of the Year Banquet for Argonaut FFA is TODAY at 6p in the MPR. Tickets are $7 at the door if you did not pre-purchase.

Blood Drive on May 29. Sign up in Hunkin’s room 4 by May 28.

ACTIVITIES:  Reminder to sign up for the first powder-puff game in 4 years. All students are encouraged to participate by being a player, a coach or a cheerleader. Sign-ups are in Hunkin’s room 4. For more information see Lexi Gonsalves or Chanelle Charney.