Argonaut High School has over 30 highly trained teachers providing over 85 courses to our students. The roster below can be searched by teacher name or course title. Enter your search words and click the magnifying glass.

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Ms. Michaelynn Angiemichaelynn.angie@acusd.org(209) 257-7770Study Skills
Mr. Jared Carsonjared.carson@acusd.org(209) 257-7704AP US Gov / AP World History / World History CP
Mrs. Shannon Clarkseclark@acusd.org(209) 257-7717Biology / AP Biology
Ms. Valerie Davidsonvalerie.davidson@acusd.org(209) 257-7725Studio Art 1, 2, 3
Mr. Rick Davisrdavis@acusd.org(209) 257-7765Strength & Conditioning / Conditioning
Mr. Cameron Duggancduggan@acusd.org(209) 257-7708English 12CP / AP English Lit & Comp / English 10SCP / Creative Writing
Mr. Chris Fentoncfenton@acusd.org(209) 257-7723US Gov/Econ / CA History / AP Psychology
Mrs. Teresa Floydtfloyd@acusd.org(209) 257-7714English 9CP / English 11CP / Edgenuity
Michael Garciamichael.garcia@acusd.org(209) 257-7720Culinary Fundamentals / Catering & Event / International Cuisine
Mr. Matt Goughmgough@acusd.org(209) 257-7707English 9CP / English SCP / AP Human Geography / AP Eng Lang Comp / Data/MTSS
Kathy Hamiltonkathy.hamilton@acusd.org(209) 257-7701Math, Personal Finance
Kevin Harlowkevin.harlow@acusd.org(209) 257-7728History, English, Study Skills
Mrs. Tracy Hinmantracy.hinman@acusd.org(209) 257-7724Resource
Mr. Matt Hoveymhovey@acusd.org(209) 257-7703Math
Mr. Scott Hunkinsshunkins@acusd.org(209) 257-7705Elem School Aide / Human Physiology / ASB Release / Student Gov/Leadership / Ath Mgt / 21st Work Experience
Anne Jeffriesajeffries@acusd.org(209) 257-7716Resource
Mr. Matt Kingmking@acusd.org(209) 257-7721Adv Game Design: 3D Modeling & Animation / Video Production & Broadcast Journalism / Introduction to Computer Science / Computer Programming & Game Design
Nicole Lamicanicole.lamica@acusd.org(209) 257-7713Resource
Mr. Erik Lucaserik.lucas@acusd.org(209) 257-7718Chemistry CP / Integrated Earth Science / AP Physics I
Mr. Chris Luckeclucke@acusd.org(209) 257-7702AP Statistics / Algebra 1CP / Algebra 2 CP / AP Calculus
Anika Neeleyanika.neeley@acusd.org(209) 257-7726FFA Science
Laura Peashalaura.peasha@acusd.org(209) 257-7768Physical Education
Mrs. Laura Tallialaura.tallia@acusd.org(209) 257-7710English 10CP / Spanish 4 / Spanish 3 CP / Yearbook / English Lang Development
Sra Elisa Teeleteel@acusd.org(209) 257-7711Spanish 1 CP / Spanish 2 CP
Andrew Stevensandrew.stevens@acusd.org(209) 257-7705History
Mrs. Katie Varnikatie.varni@acusd.org(209) 257-7722Health / Dual Enrollment / AVID 9 / AVID 11
Mr. Sargon Yousefsargon.yousef@acusd.org(209) 257-7715English 12, Alg Concepts A & B, Cons Math, Study Skills
Taylor Wensketaylor.wenske@acusd.org(209) 257-7758Intervention/AVID/English 10
Kristina Woolseykristina.woolsey@acusd.org(209) 257-7725FFA, Ag Science

Instructional Aides

Ms. Sonya CastoeLibrary Media Clerksonya.castoe@acusd.org(209) 257-7746
Ms. Melinda GreenParaprofessionalmgreen@acusd.org
Heather McFarlingParaprofessionalheather.mcfarling@acusd.org(209) 257-7735
Michelle JoyceParaprofessionalMichelle.joyce@acusd.org(209) 257-7734

Math Tutoring

Mr. Matt HoveyTeachermhovey@acusd.org(209) 257-7703
Mr. Chris LuckeTeacherclucke@acusd.org(209) 257-7702
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