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Teacher’s Corner

Argonaut High School proudly offers a comprehensive schedule of CTE programs that empower students to be successful citizens, employees, leaders, and life-long learners in a global economy. Through CTE programs, students have the opportunity to acquire academic and occupational skills necessary to compete successfully in the job market and to continue their education.

Culinary Arts prepares high school students to excel in college and compete in a global workforce. 

The core instruction is enhanced with career-specific electives, workplace exposure, internships and mentoring all within the field of hospitality and tourism.  In a fast growing hospitality and tourism industry, our curriculum is vetted by industry professionals and designed to keep pace with industry standards.

Career and Technical Education Student Organizations [CTSO]

CTSO’s are youth organizations designed to support students in CTE programs. CTSOs are considered an integral part of CTE and participation in these organizations will help students develop technical and leadership skills that will enable them to be successful in their career paths.

CTSOs also provide students with the opportunity to attend leadership conferences and showcase their CTE skills through competitive events. Career Technical Student Organizations such as ProStart and FCCLA, are a national movement to afford exceptional opportunities for students to learn, achieve and advance as professionals along a chosen career path.


Social Media

Culinary Team Apparel #BringTheHeat

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The Argonaut Culinary Team Apparel Shop has something for everyone!! The Shop offers CUSTOMIZABLE Argonaut Culinary T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Jackets and apparel for the whole family! Order online and ship your merchandise directly to you!  https://apparelnow.com/argonaut-culinary-apparel


FCCLA #AmadorCounty

Formerly known as FHA-Hero, Future Homemakers of America
#CaliforniaFCCLA #Region4 #Leadership #Competition
FCCLA otherwise known as Family, Career, Community, Leaders of America now has a team spirit shop! Help support Argonaut FCCLA by purchasing some CUSTOMIZABLE t-shirts, hoodies, hat, jackets and apparel for the whole family!!!        https://apparelnow.com/argonaut-fccla-apparel


Culinary Uniforms  

#CulinaryInternships     #CulinaryCompetitions     #SafetyFirst

Purchase your Culinary Uniforms Today!!! Remember its all about safety in the Kitchen!!! Also, if you plan on working in a restaurant, participating in a Culinary Internship or Culinary Competition (ProStart Cup or FCCLA)… you will need culinary attire. Culinary Attire includes a long sleeve chef coat, chef pants, non-slip chef shoes (with no laces) and an plain white apron.



Picture Item Price
Unisex Jacket

Unisex Chef Jacket with Embroidered School logo and Student Name

GREAT DEAL!!! Jacket comes with the Argo Logo Embroidered, plus your first/last name… for ONLY $20-!!!  Embroidery alone can cost $20 plus.

  Female Chef Jacket With Embroidered School Logo And Student Name

Female Chef Jacket with Embroidered School Logo and Student Name

So, what’s the difference between the Unisex and Female coat?? Female coat is fitted. Please refer to the sizing guide on the website for further questions.

 Unisex Pants

Unisex Chef pants

Great for safety!! If you are planning on participating in any culinary competition, or are interested in participating in a culinary internship… you will need chef pants.

 Female Pants

Female 65/35 Poly-Cotton Low Rise Chef Pants

Like the female chef coat, the pants are also fitted. Please refer to the size guide on the website for further questions.

 White Benie Pillbox Hat

White Beanie/Pill Box Hat

Needed for culinary internships or competition. Keeps your hair in place and sweat from your face. One size fits most.

 Extra Long Apron

Extra long 4-Way Apron

Safety first! Additional safety barrier between food and your legs. Needed for culinary internships or competition.

 Women's Genuine Grip 430

Women’s Genuine Grip 430 (non-slip shoes required for competition) 

Needed for culinary internships or competition. Non-slip shoes with laces are not appropriate for culinary internships or competition.

You can find cheaper non-slip shoes at Payless, Walmart or ShoesForCrews.com .

 Men's Genuine Grip 4330

Men’s Genuine Grip 4330 (non-slip shoes required for competition)

Needed for culinary internships or competition. Non-slip shoes with laces are not appropriate for culinary internships or competition.

You can find cheaper non-slip shoes at Payless, Walmart or ShoesForCrews.com .



Argonaut High School Logo

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Phone: (209) 257-7720

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Parking Changes

ALL STUDENTS:  Please DO NOT have your parents or guardians drop you off or pick you up in the front parking lot due to construction. The front parking lot is now for our special needs, Triglia and Preschools only. You may get dropped off and picked up using the...

Basketball, Soccer, Ski, Wrestle!!!

Sports week of February 18 The SPRING Sports season brings many new games and weather may affect them.  Please check with the coach or communications from the Athletic Director to make sure that your game/ meet/ tournament is still on for the day and what time you...

Celebrate Black History Month

Our student Deja Douglas, has an art show at: 617 South State HI 49, (Mother Load Plaza) Jackson. You will be able to view “Roots” A Black Heritage Art Show,” and you will be able to read Deja’s short story about feeling invisible while supporting and interacting with...

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