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My name is Jazmin Haedrich and I am the Vice Principal at Argonaut High School. I am working with Principal Gassaway and our staff to keep Argonaut High School a safe and effective learning environment for our students.

I have been in the Amador County Unified School District and was a physical education teacher before taking on the role as an Assistant Principal at Argonaut High School. As a member of the Mustang Family, I am truly proud and privileged to be a part of this community. I always knew that I was meant to be in a high school setting and I couldn’t have asked for better families or students.

My priorities for your student is first and foremost their safety on our campus. I continue to provide opportunities to practice safety drills and consult with our local law enforcement to make sure we will be prepared if an emergency situation should happen.

  • In our Security Training for Argonaut High School, we have received the ALICE Training.  Review the basics of the Training by clicking HERE.

I am here for all of our students and that if they need to talk my door is open to them.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, concerns or celebrations you might like to share.  I feel truly blessed that I get to be a part of all of our students’ education and that I get to be a member of the Mustang family.


Please take a moment to review with your student the following respectful and responsible behaviors that they should exhibit while interacting in their online classes. These are found in our Student Handbook


While engaging in school work, students’ written and verbal statements will be taken seriously by the Amador Unified School District, Argonaut High School and the Jackson Police Department. Statements of self harm, threats and violence will be reported for investigation. Students will be held accountable for their written and verbal statements. 

Activities that are not permissible at school such as; displaying/using alcohol, marijuana, vaping devices, tobacco products, or other substances during school will result in disciplinary action and possible notification to law enforcement.

Students who are disruptive to the learning environment may face disciplinary actions such as class suspension (being removed immediately from the lesson) by their teacher(s) and/or a referral to administration for further disciplinary action. Please refer to the Argonaut Student Handbook for more information on school rules and behavior expectations. 

We thank you for working alongside us to help promote a responsible, positive and appropriate online learning environment for everyone.

Sincerely,  JAZMIN HAEDRICH, Vice Principal

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