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Welcome to the Cross Country Team at Argonaut High School and Thank you for being a part of a very exciting season for us.   We will start our 2022 Fall season with our first practice was when school started.  It will be a good start to a great season!

We continue to have practices on Monday through Friday from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM at the lower track field with runs that will take our runners through Jackson, and Martell.  Each team member is asked to bring a water bottle, and a snack if possible with them to practice.  Some runners will need extra nutrition as this will be a change for many of them.  We are able to use the new Track!

We are looking for additional local runs that will promote our cause.

In addition, we want parents that will help our team by making sandwiches for our Wednesday Lunches to promote good nutrition, especially on a day when many may be inclined to forget a good nights sleep and a good breakfast.  Over 80% of today’s teenagers merely snack throughout the day on a regular basis.  We want to promote good nutrition by eating lunch on Meet Days.  Wednesdays are also a day when meets will produce times that will be reported to the Cross Country League and end up ranking our team in the league.

Donations to the team are always welcome and our team will be working hard to fund-raise throughout the season.  We will be providing your student with another form that covers the Run-A-Thon.  Team members will be asked to find Donations for running a specific number of Miles.  This will assist in paying for food and water, as well as paying for Invitational Meets on Saturdays.  Our RUN-A-THON on Wednesday September 14 to help with our Fundraising as well as supporting our Coach Duggan as he runs “all day” at the track.  Our runners will be encouraged to find supporters as they will be running for an hour the same afternoon.  Come out and cheer them on at the Track!

Thank you all for being a part of your son/daughters sports program here at Argonaut High School and helping us make it better!

Contact Information

Coach Duggan    English Teacher    (209) 257-7708

Asst Coach Putnam   Career Technician    (209) 257-7757


Wednesday Lunches before meets

In addition to helping your kids hydrate and recover properly, we want parents who can help our team by making lunches before meets to promote good nutrition, especially when many students may be inclined to forget a good night’s sleep and a good breakfast.  Over 80% of today’s teenagers merely snack through the day on a regular basis.

* We recommend that students attempt to drink water (at lunch and breaks) throughout the afternoon so that they are prepared physically for the heat of the afternoon practice.

We have had families make lunches for the Team including some great ideas such as:

PB&J, Carrots & Chips, Water

Spaghetti, Salad, and Bread, Water

Different sliced meat sandwiches, Potato Chips, Water

Prevention of Injuries

Injuries are not common in this sport, but they are a possibility. Please make sure to talk with your kids about how they feel physically and communicate with the coaching staff.

Sore muscles usually recover within days and are aided by massage, protein, and proper hydration. Injuries can nag all season if not treated properly with (RICE) Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, anti-inflammatory medication, and even a doctor’s visit if they persist or are unbearable.

* If your athlete has asthma, takes any medication, or has any special needs, please make sure they come prepared and inform the coaching staff of their condition.

Cameron Duggan
Teacher – English


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