California FCCLA State Leadership Conference.

As a reminder we departed to Riverside on Thursday, April 21st and returned to Jackson on Wednesday, April 27th.  The conference took place at the Riverside Convention Center. We stayed at the Mission Inn.

Congratulate Trinity Machi!! She placed 2nd in the National Programs in Action STAR Competition. She also earned a $6000 scholarship to Sullivan University.

Great work for Naomi Velasco for competing at the Region and State Level in Culinary Display – Advanced Cakes.

Congratulate Chef Gaddoni for 10 Years of Service with FCCLA and also for earning the Region STAR Advisor Award.

Winning feels good for Argonaut!! We were honored with several special awards:
– First chapter to affiliate 🥇
– 100+ members 💯+
– 100% membership 💯
– Outstanding Advisor, GOLD🥇
– Region STAR Advisor 🌟
– Recognition for 10 Years of Service 🔟

Students participated in the Disney Imagination Campus workshop on Friday. The workshops theme was “Theme Park Design”. Students learned the 5 Elements of Theme Park Design, then they were divided into 2 groups and got to design and BUILD a theme park. Groups also had to complete a presentation to explain the concept. Really cool! They did an amazing job!!

This is the newly slated California FCCLA Region 4 Officer Team. Owen Olivarria and Nataly Santacruz were elected and installed as Region Officers for the 2022-2023 school year. The students will attend the Region Officer Training Conference at Fresno State University 4 days at the end of July. They will also plan the following events during the 2022-2023 School Year: Chapter Officer Leadership Training, Fall Leadership Meeting, Spring Leadership Meeting & State Qualify Competition and the Region Meetings at the State Leadership Conference.

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