On Saturday, February 4, Argonaut Drama competed at the Lenaea Theatre Festival at Folsom Lake College, attended by 62 high schools from across Northern and Central California.  In addition to competitions in Solo, Duo, and Musical Theatre, 41 one-acts performed on three stages over three days.
Argonaut Drama had our most successful showing to date.  In general, prizes are awarded to the top half of competitors.  For example, a total of 18 awards were given to the 41 one-acts, while a total of only 14 individual performance awards were handed out.
With that in mind, Argonaut Drama has much to celebrate.
Rylie Holmes won three(!) awards: Bronze in Solo Acting,  Silver in Student Directing, and a Respondent’s Choice Award (approximately 35 of these were awarded… out of about 600 competitors)
Gavin Wagner won two awards: Bronze in Solo Acting. and an Individual Performance Award for our one-act.
Aubrie Gold won two awards: Silver in Musical Theatre (Argo Drama’s first award ever in this highly competitive category), and a Respondent’s Choice Award.
Our one-act, directed by Rylie Holmes took home a Silver, one of only six awards handed out in our track.
More than anything, it was simply nice to be back in person after three years. Drama Teacher Dale Flint took 17 students on the trip, and they had an exhausting but lovely time =)
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