The Argonaut High School Library is located on the campus and Sonya Castoe is the librarian. The library has a collection of over 3,000 books and periodicals, 1 week’s worth of issues from the Sacramento Bee newspaper, the Ledger Dispatch Acorn newspaper, and a full set of Chromebooks connected to the Internet. The library also maintains the school’s textbook inventory.

In collaboration with teachers and the academic departments, the librarian curates the book, and periodical collections and develops programs to enhance student learning. The librarian is available to help students select materials and use library resources.

Admission & Hours

The library is open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM on school days.

Chromebooks & Internet

Use of the library’s internet-connected Chromebooks requires a completed Amador County Office of Education Student Application for Educational Use of District Technology form. The form must be signed by the student and his/her parent or guardian.

Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader (AR) is a computer program that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor student independent reading practice. Students pick books at their own level and read them at their own pace. When finished, students take a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that a student understood what was read.) AR gives students, teachers, and librarians feedback based on the quiz results, which the teacher then uses to help students set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Choosing their own books makes reading a much more enjoyable experience because students can choose books they find interesting. Teachers and librarians help students select books that are that will be challenging but not too difficult so that students are more likely to pass the quizzes and gain confidence.

If a student does not do well on quizzes, the teacher or librarian may help by:

  • Helping students select books that less challenging
  • Asking students questions as the student reads and before taking a quiz
  • Pairing students to work together
  • Having books read to the student

In most cases, students enjoy taking the quizzes. Since they are reading books at their reading level and that interest them, they are more likely to be successful.

Login credentials (username and password) are required to access AR and take quizzes and are available at the library with photo identification. Please take care not to lose or forget login credentials. Students that require replacement credentials will have points deducted from their AR score.

To select books and take quizzes visit the Accelerated Reader BookFinder website.

Parents/guardians and students can monitor their progress at the Renaissance Home Connect website.

Sonya Castoe
Library Media Clerk
(209) 257-7746


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