For students that are required to be off-campus for their time off campus due to exposure.  This webpage is meant for them.  More information can be found on: State COVID19 Website Updates are being made as information is received.

All class material is retrieved through each teachers GOOGLE CLASSROOM that each student already has access to and should be in constant contact with daily.  Each student already has access to course materials and the front office will assist students with their packets.

AERIES Portals (students/admin/teachers)

How to see your grades (online through Aeries)

The ASVAB for Military focused students can be taken through a recruiter off-campus. Here is the Military Recruiters contact information, and they are also listed within Ms Putnam’s College & Career Google Classroom (code: DRGED2U)  Seniors and Juniors may be called by Recruiters through the school year.  It is HIGHLY recommended to study or review for the ASVAB as your score will reflect the jobs you can get into. You may be called by a Recruiter and if you have any questions, please check with Ms Putnam

How much time should I be spending on distance learning?

It is strongly recommended that students perform work daily. Distance learning requires students to take initiative and complete work every day.

Do I have access to my Counselor?

Clarissa Bellotti   Mrs. Bellotti can be reached at:

Sarah Yonan   Ms Yonan can be reached at:

You can also access counseling resources by visiting our school website at Argonaut Counseling & Guidance and our district website:

Who can I contact about new enrollment, transcripts and work permits?

Laura Dillian, our registrar, can be contacted for new enrollments, transcript requests and work permits and can be reached at:

Have any more questions?  Email your counselor, your teacher, or call the Front Desk



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