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A REMINDER from our community members and neighbors, please respect the SPEED LIMIT by the school which is 25 MPH and DO NOT TAILGATE other drivers who are observing the 25 mph speed limit. Thank you!

CHROMEBOOKS: Always bring your chromebook chargers with you to school with your chromebook!  If your CHROMEBOOK will not connect to the ACUSD network, see Wendy in the office!

Wednesday February 24, 2021

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer”  –   Zora Neale Hurston

Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri: Hybrid On-campus & Distance Learning
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Birthdays for the week:  2/23 – Trevin Murphy, Erica Norried. 2/24 – Kimberlee Brown, Abbygail Drake, Callie Tanner, Sierra Wilson. 2/25 – Zachary Higgins, Merrik Zukowski. 2/29 – Molin, Luka

SENIORS: check your email for the Google Form for SENIOR QUOTES – they are due Friday, February 26th.  See Tallia if you have any questions.  ALSO – if you have a sibling on campus, please submit your photos ASAP!

STUDENT SUPPORT GROUP: Interested in joining a student support group on campus? The purpose of this group is to support students with Social Emotional Support. Group will be facilitated by Ms. Camargo through our COVID CARES relief ACT. This month learn coping tools to manage and balance stress. Sign up by emailing Ms. Camargo at anabel.camargo@acusd.org or keep an eye for a flyer with a QR scan code to sign up electronically and check out further details. Ms. Camargo is located Tuesdays in the Indian Ed. room from 8 AM – 4PM. Visit her for more information.


Mural - Graffiti
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