Hello Mustangs, Please keep in mind that this year, grades matter, and failing classes will not receive credit. This is an important reminder about the expectations on working towards a high school diploma:

1) Not showing up to class hurts your grade

2) Zero participation will lead to an F

3) Each class is worth 5 credits per semester for every class you PASS with a D- or higher. (Although we encourage you to try your best and earn the highest grade you can get)

4) A semester grade of an F means that students must make up those credits at a later time in order to graduate

5) Seniors failing courses required for graduation will not receive their diploma

6) Here at Argonaut High School, every class counts and goes towards earning your high school diploma.  There is still time to bring up your grades by December 18th (the end of 1st semester).  


What can students do to improve grades?

1) Communicate with teachers and come to Office Hours.

               – and/0r – 

2) Contact your school counselor for more information on graduation requirements and expectations towards earning your high school diploma.

Sarah Yonan (A-K): (209) 257-7753 -or- sarah.yonan@acusd.org

Clariassa Bellotti (L-Z): (209) 257-7752 -or- clarissa.bellotti@acusd.org

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