“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.”  –   T.S. Eliot

SUMMER INFORMATION 2023                                                                                                            

Volleyball summer practice starts next week on Tuesday, June 6, and will run until the 29th. Practices in June will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday in the gym and MPR from 2 pm to 3 pm. Anyone who is interested in trying out for the volleyball team is highly encouraged to join our summer program. All athletes should dress comfortably in shorts (or spandex), t-shirt and gym shoes. Knee pads are optional, but highly recommended to protect one’s knees during the various drills that we will be running. Make sure to also bring a water bottle. If you have any questions about summer practice, volleyball tryouts, or the volleyball program, please contact Coach Bartlett at,

Summer Volleyball Practices:  Dates: June 6 through 29  Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays  Time: 2 pm to 5 pm

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Cross Country & Summer Running: Summer running  has started! If you and your friends are interested in getting in shape and conditioning for your sport next year, join us for summer running! We will meet every Monday morning at 6:30 am at the Argonaut track for strength training, mobility, and speed work. We will meet at the Amador track every Thursday morning at 6:30 am for distance training, technique, and racing strategies. Join our Google Classroom with the code on the screen (bfmhu25) for more information and to receive updates and alerts. Summer running and conditioning begins this week, so set your alarms, pick up your friends, and come get in the best shape of your life! Remember, those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail. Just run!  

Check with Coaches & – we would love to hear from you!

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How to Enroll

Current District Students:  Contact your current school office and ask for a transfer appointment with your counselor.

New District Students:  Contact Argonaut High School at 257-7700 to schedule an enrollment appointment.

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Information for Families

Find forms and other important information here — from Work Permits to Health and Safety Protocols to other district materials. This area is updated as needed so please check back often.

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On Saturday, February 4, Argonaut Drama competed at the Lenaea Theatre Festival at Folsom Lake College, attended by 62 high schools from across Northern and Central California.  In addition to competitions in Solo, Duo, and Musical Theatre, 41 one-acts performed on...

Need Tutoring in Math?

MATH TUTORING is being held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Contact either Mr Lucke or Mr Hovey for Tutoring after school. Mr Chris Lucke - on Wednesdays at 3:30-4:30PM. (room 2) Mr Matt Hovey - on Tuesdays at 3:30-4:30PM (room 3)


Admission for the 2022-2023 Argonaut Basketball season will be available by PRE-purchase ONLY. *** TICKET PURCHASE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE GATE ON THE  DAY OF THE GAME  You can use the QR code on to purchase admission before entry Click: Here is how to...

FREE Breakfast & Lunch 2022-23

   Students will be offered FREE breakfast and lunch meals for the 2022-2023 school years!  Assembly Bill (AB) 130, the 2021−22 budget trailer bill for K-12 education, established the California Universal Meals Program. Under this program, beginning in the school year...

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Principal’s Corner

Welcome to the “Mustang Family”  

Tim GastawayArgonaut has strong traditions and a school culture that facilitates success for ALL students. Established in 1913 as Jackson Joint Union High School, we used that name until 1983 when we merged with Ione High School to become Argonaut High School. That year we moved near the site of the historic Argonaut Mine, featured in the book “47 Down,” and have been there ever since. 

We are a small comprehensive public high school with just over 550 students and 25 teachers. Our distinct geographic location situated in the center of the historic Mother Lode of Amador County has picturesque views in every direction. We are known for our supportive community that provides an overwhelming amount of encouragement for our students and school. We are “small but mighty,” and excited to share our academics, culture and programs that make us uniquely distinguished with ALL students that attend. 

The Argonaut High School Mustang family strives to create a positive and supportive environment in which ALL are challenged and inspired to achieve their full potential. Students are expected to have the Courage to Compete in everything they do in school and life while remaining Respectful, Responsible and Resilient citizens.  With the facilitation of our talented and compassionate faculty and staff, our students receive an individualized world-class education matched by few in our state. 

Welcome to Mustang Mountain!


Troy Gassaway
Principal, Argonaut High School


COURAGE TO COMPETE Scholarship 2023

Attention Mustangs,

The Courage to Compete Award is the most distinguished all-around award given to graduating seniors who have been outstanding members of the Argonaut High School community. Seniors are given the opportunity to earn this prestigious award for their overall achievements in their high school career. The number of recipients will vary each year depending on the number of qualified applicants. There is no minimum or maximum number of awards given in any year. All students selected to receive this award will be announced at Senior Awards Night in May and again at Graduation where they will receive a medal at the ceremony by a teacher of their choice. There may be a monetary and gift award. If you do not submit this application by the deadline, we will assume you are not interested. There are no deadline extensions for the Courage to Compete award. Thanks for having the Courage to Compete for this award!


Troy Gassaway,
Argonaut High School


Below will be the application in PDF.  Click on it to get your copy.

Fill it out and email it to Megan Eckhart at the front office or HAND IT IN by MAY 2023

The Courage To Compete Application 2023
Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that our students have the best opportunities to learn and grow. You are invited to contact us for assistance or to discuss the school or your student.

Our Staff

Mrs Megan EckhartAdministrative 257-7741
Mrs. Jazmin HaedrichVice 257-7700
Mr. Troy 257-7741
Ms. Kim 257-7742
Ms Brooke MooreAttendance 257-7745
Mr. Monty
Ms. Laura 257-7751
Mr. Grant KopeckiNight
Garrett GrayCampus
Chris MarramaNight
Argonaut High School has over 30 highly trained teachers providing over 85 courses to our students.

The roster below can be searched by teacher name or course title. Enter your search words and click the magnifying glass.
The email address will open most email programs ready to send your message. You may also copy & paste the email address into your desired email program.


Ms. Michaelynn 257-7770Study Skills
Mr. Jared 257-7704AP US Gov / AP World History / World History CP
Mrs. Shannon 257-7717Biology / AP Biology
Ms. Valerie 257-7725Studio Art 1, 2, 3
Mr. Rick 257-7765Strength & Conditioning / Conditioning
Mr. Cameron 257-7708English 12CP / AP English Lit & Comp / English 10SCP / Creative Writing
Mr. Chris 257-7723US Gov/Econ / CA History / AP Psychology
Mrs. Teresa 257-7714English 9CP / English 11CP / Edgenuity
Michael 257-7720Culinary Fundamentals / Catering & Event / International Cuisine
Mr. Matt 257-7707English 9CP / English SCP / AP Human Geography / AP Eng Lang Comp / Data/MTSS
Kathy 257-7701Math, Personal Finance
Kevin 257-7728History, English, Study Skills
Mrs. Tracy 257-7724Resource
Mr. Matt 257-7703Math
Mr. Scott 257-7705Elem School Aide / Human Physiology / ASB Release / Student Gov/Leadership / Ath Mgt / 21st Work Experience
Anne 257-7716Resource
Mr. Matt 257-7721Adv Game Design: 3D Modeling & Animation / Video Production & Broadcast Journalism / Introduction to Computer Science / Computer Programming & Game Design
Nicole 257-7713Resource
Mr. Erik 257-7718Chemistry CP / Integrated Earth Science / AP Physics I
Mr. Chris 257-7702AP Statistics / Algebra 1CP / Algebra 2 CP / AP Calculus
Anika 257-7726FFA Science
Laura 257-7768Physical Education
Mrs. Laura 257-7710English 10CP / Spanish 4 / Spanish 3 CP / Yearbook / English Lang Development
Sra Elisa 257-7711Spanish 1 CP / Spanish 2 CP
Andrew 257-7705History
Mrs. Katie 257-7722Health / Dual Enrollment / AVID 9 / AVID 11
Mr. Sargon 257-7715English 12, Alg Concepts A & B, Cons Math, Study Skills
Taylor 257-7758Intervention/AVID/English 10
Kristina 257-7725FFA, Ag Science

Instructional Aides

Ms. Sonya CastoeLibrary Media 257-7746
Ms. Melinda
Heather 257-7735
Michelle 257-7734


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