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A REMINDER from our community members and neighbors, please respect the SPEED LIMIT by the school which is 25 MPH and DO NOT TAILGATE other drivers who are observing the 25 mph speed limit. Thank you!

CHROMEBOOKS: Always bring your chromebook chargers with you to school with your chromebook!  If your CHROMEBOOK will not connect to the ACUSD network, see Wendy in the office!

Monday March 1st, 2021 “A” day

“There are years that ask questions and years that answer”  –   Zora Neale Hurston

Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri: Hybrid On-campus & Distance Learning
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Birthdays for the week:  3/1 – Raul Guevara   3/2 – Colby Eckhart, Isabella Hernandez   3/3 – Lamya Dell ‘Anna, George Gardner, Ian Rose, Caleb Wilson   3/4 – Savannah Petty, Gabriel Pezzi, Macie Reynolds   3/6 – Destiny Campbell

Art Club meeting Tuesday, March 2 during lunch. We will be taking pictures for the yearbook!

SENIORS and all other students trying to figure out how to pay for college:  If you work better on your cell phone then download the APP: MyStudentAid  and submit your FAFSA. The FAFSA deadline is Tuesday night (March 2nd), you must get your information into the system online. Ask your Counselor or Ms. Putnam if you have questions.  GET IT DONE NOW.

Congratulations to the teams that participated in last week’s Home Run Derby for March Madness. This week we will be hosting a Kahoot tournament, where the brains of each team and player will be tested. This Thursday, 3/4 the day of the tournament will also be a Senior Citizen Dress up day so feel free to wear Glasses, Hair Curlers, Cane, Grey Hair, Robe, Suspenders, Slippers, Corduroy Pants, or nightgowns, making sure it is school appropriate. If your entire team dresses up, more points will be added to your team total that goes towards the pizza party.

SPEAKERS & EDUCATORS: “Do you identify as LGBTQ+ or an Ally? What is your experience like, and what would you like our educators and staff in our district to learn about you? We are looking for volunteer student speakers or you can also drop off an anonymous note in the box located in the Indian Ed room, during office hours Monday, Tuesday and Fridays. Your stories will be kept private if submitted in the box. You may also request to speak with Ms. Camargo for more details, if you would like to be a speaker.”

SENIORS and All other students trying to figure out paying for college:  If you work better on your cellphone and would probably have gotten your FAFSA done already if it was on your cell…..  download the APP:  MyStudentAid       Even with the FAFSA deadline being Tuesday night (March 2nd), you must get your information into the system online. Ask your Counselor or Ms Putnam… GET IT DONE NOW!


Mural - Graffiti
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