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Wednesday’s MUSTANG MEETING for the Week of September 21, 2020

Progress reports were released last week…..we know some students are struggling…….you’re in luck……

Math Tutoring starts next week. If you need support from a math professional, please access tutoring from 3:30 – 4:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Lucke – Tuesday 

Mr. Landergen – Wednesday

Mr. Hovey – Thursday

Links to the sessions will be sent through Gmail from Mr. Gassaway today.


COLLEGE & CAREER CENTER with Ms Putnam. email: jputnam@acusd.org

  • Reminder: The College & Career Center is now a Google classroom and the code is: DRGED2U
  • For SENIORSLocal Scholarship Program is now a Google Classroom as well and the Code is: 6byuz42  I will be answering questions on the program as they come in. It starts in December 2020.
  • All students in any grade who are interested in knowing more about the MILITARY as an option for after high school graduation, please check with jputnam@acusd.org.  All military recruiters are listed in the College & Career Center classroom.  The ASVAB is given through those recruiters currently.


Temperate Coniferous forest
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